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GPD strives to keep the old and bring in the new to ensure the job is done right.

Quality and Perfomance

With our new technology and old school strategies and methods that have been proven to work countless times you can count on GPD. We have over 40 years of experiences in various trades and can present you a solution to your problem.

Expert quality and solutions with GPD

Best Service for the best price!

Effective Teamwork

GPD has a wide variety of skilled team members that work hand and hand to get the job done.

Honest and Dependable

With GPD you will worry no more. Our team will assess the site and present you with a plan that is transparent and fulfilling. There will be constant communication through the process which allows you to have a clear mindset of what work and task are being completed. Our team will keep you updated through each step of the way.

Let’s build something amazing. We’re ready when you are.

Its time to make a change and finally complete that project you where always talking about!

Full Service Painting and Repair


Acoustic Popcorn Removal

Drywall Repairs and Texture

Drywall Sheet Rock Insulation

Interior and Exterior Painting

Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

Check out our latest projects!

Shower Remodel

New Textured Walls

Kitchen Remodel

Living Room Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Fresh Tile!

View more of our latest projects from start to finish!

The Gallery is a great place to gather inspiration.

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